Patterson Riegel believes that print advertising remains a viable marketing option and, consequently, specializes in the concept, design and cost-effective placement of print ads.

While it may be true that website, search engine and social media marketing have become a common part of most marketing campaigns, the business world hasn't completely shunned print advertising in favor of the digital world.

PRA specializes in:

Newspaper Advertising
Newspaper advertising includes publications such as national, local and neighborhood newspapers. If the goal of your business is to attract local customers, advertising in a the local newspaper or small neighborhood publication can be an effective way to reach your target audience.


Magazine Advertising
Magazine advertising includes advertising in regional and national magazines. Magazines present an effective way to brand your business. A magazine gives you freedom to focus on creating an ad that's visually appealing. PRA can help you target potential clients by concentrating on trade publication marketed directly to your audience.


Directory Advertising
Directory advertising includes advertising that appears in places such as the Yellow Pages and regional or industry directories. Appearing in a directory can potentially expose you to a new client base – depending on your target market.


Collateral Print Advertising
Collateral print advertising includes brochures, postcards, newsletters and specialty items. Brochures can be anything from a single sheet folded in two or three panels to a small booklet that could be considered a mini-catalogue. Postcards typically include a picture of your product, your service in action, or some other aspect of your business, with brief info on the back, perhaps announcing an upcoming sale or other news. Newsletters can provide information on trends in the industry, news and reviews of new products and services, or testimonials from satisfied customers. Advertising specialty items include objects with your logo on it and are a good way to get your business's name remembered in a positive way.