November 2018

PRA has produced b2b marketing materials for Nucor Vulcraft/Verco for more than 20 years. Recently, Nucor decided to rebrand their pre-fabricated, modular steel form system that accelerates the construction of reinforced concrete stair and elevator core structures. Cortekas the product was known, would be renamed RediCor, and a new website, collateral materials, and promotional items would follow to launch the new brand.

RediCor rebranding -- graphic featuring before/after logos


The PRA team prides itself on getting to know our clients and their businesses meticulously, so we can anticipate their needs and effectively tell their brand stories. Although we knew Vulcraft well, the RediCor job required extensive research to understand the intricacies of the product and the most effective way to market it. Our team brainstormed and researched name options, met with RediCor executives, attended trade shows, poured over documents, and watched trade videos in order to execute the rebrand to the best of our ability. 

Image containing multiple versions of RediCor logo
Graphics created to market RediCor products
Graphic featuring RediCor design and brand identity


Following the research stage, we got to work developing collateral and promotional materials to introduce RediCor to the industry. In addition, we used cutting-edge graphics and animation to redesign the RediCor website. The result of our process is a cohesive brand with a clear objective; a brand Vulcraft is proud promote.

RediCor postcard campaign
RediCor presentation folder



Matt Henry President of PRA

The RediCor job was as rewarding as it was challenging. With several trademark battles to fight, the renaming process was difficult, but our understanding of the product, process and industry eventually led us to RediCora descriptive moniker that aligns with Vulcraft’s existing product names. Once we landed on a name, the creative process was exciting for our team. We knew RediCor’s design aesthetic had to fit seamlessly into the Vulcraft family of products, but we also wanted to push the envelope with innovative web design and sleek collateral. In the end, we achieved our objectives and are pleased with the end result.



Dave Bjork Marketing Project Manager – GTS

Nucor-Vulcraft has been working with Patterson Rigel Advertising for over 30 years and the fact that we have been working together for that length of time should speak for itself. Matt Henry and his team have always performed at a very high level no matter what type of challenge we presented them.  Recently, our need for their expertise and service has grown significantly and PRA has met this challenge with impressive results.  We at Nucor-Vulcraft are proud of our relationship with Patterson Riegel Advertising.